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Sample before you buy.

What if I don't like the way he writes?
Ever pick up a book or find one on Amazon.com that looks interesting, but you hesitate to buy it because you're unfamiliar with the author? Sure you have, so have I. Below I offer you an opportunity to sample a few of my short stories featuring Agent Sean Kruger.
Feel free to download and read one or all three. If you like them, I am sure you will enjoy The Fugitive's Trail, The Assassin's Trail, and coming Summer 2017, my new book, The Impostor's Trail 
The Eight Pretty Maids Affair
The Ghosts in the Mirror Affair
The Nowhere to Hide Affair
​​FBI profiler Sean Kruger must contend with a publicity seeking colleague during the search for a serial killer preying on young homeless women 
Five retired military officers are dead. When Sean Kruger is assigned to the investigation, he determines all of the victims were part of a crime committed twenty years ago.
A sniper is preying on the customers of a convenience store chain. The problem is no one can determine where the shots came from. FBI profiler Sean Kruger searches for the elusive killer.
Download and Read the Story
Download and Read the Story
Download and Read the Story