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Available on Amazon.com (click on image) and Audible.com Fall 2017 


Over the Indian Ocean a Malaysia Airline jumbo jet drops from radar. Three hundred twenty-seven souls disappear with it; a woman in Rockford, Illinois is brutally murdered. Unrelated news events? Retired FBI agent Sean Kruger doesn’t think so. He suspects it’s the work of serial killer Randolph Bishop.

Now a college professor, Kruger has tried to live with the mistake he made while investigating Bishop six years earlier. It looks as though the only man to elude him, in his twenty-five year tenure with the FBI, has returned to seek vengeance on those who forced the man to flee the country. With his family in danger, Kruger comes out of retirement to find Bishop’s trail. A trail that leads Sean to question his own humanity.

5 STARS - When you are looking for a novel about subterfuge, action, and gripping human emotions, anything by J.C. Fields is a good choice.
Literary Titan Review


When FBI Agent Sean Kruger is assigned to find a fugitive accused of killing one man and wounding another in the lobby of a high-profile New York City investment firm, he finds the only information known about the suspect is his name. Everything else about the fugitive’s life has been erased from the system.

As Kruger’s investigation widens, he discovers wealthy and powerful men working behind the scenes. Men who are determined to keep the truth, about the incident and the fugitive, from being exposed.
The ensuing search for the suspect leads Kruger to the rolling hills of Southwest Missouri, where he is pitted against a ruthless foe who is intent on finding the fugitive first.  When the cat and mouse game turns lethal, Kruger must use his skills and experience to save the truth, the fugitive and even himself. 
5 STARS - A rollicking good read. It's never "predictable". Amazon Review
5 STARS – Fast-paced and full of action…a pleasure to read. Goodreads Review
5 STARS – For a debut novel this is a fantastic piece of work. Literary Titan Review


A serial killer is on the loose in the Washington, DC area. Two men are dead and the FBI has called in Profiler Special Agent Sean Kruger.

Now in the twilight of his career, Kruger and longtime girlfriend, Stephanie, have decided to marry. Tired of the bureaucracy and politics of the job, he wants no part of the investigation.

But when the assassin strikes close to home, it becomes personal and he turns for help from JR Diminski, the computer genius from The Fugitive’s Trail. To protect his new marriage he will put his life in danger as he pursues the assassin. An assassin whose ultimate goal is an attack in the center of the United States. An attack that could result in more civilian casualties than 9/11.
5 STARS – There is no shortage of action and readers will find themselves glued to the pages… Literary Titan Review
5 STARS - Enough action and intrigue to keep you turning pages…leaves you wanting more. Goodreads Review